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Brookfield Farm is located in Eastern Fayette and Western Clark Counties just outside of Lexington, Kentucky. A generational operation, Brookfield is over 1,500 acres of prime Bluegrass farmland.

In response to evolving market preferences, Brookfield changed from a purebred Hereford to a “Black-Baldy” herd in the early 1990s. A combination of Angus and Hereford pedigrees, Black Baldies produce lean beef at high growth and maturation rates.

Only the best Hereford and Angus bloodlines are introduced into the “mom-calf” operation using leading-edge genetic practices. The finest heifers are kept for breeding quality, while steers are sold for beef via premium-select internet auctions. After calving, Brookfield numbers roughly 1000 head of livestock.

Black Baldies thrive at Brookfield. Its phosphorous-rich pastures give rise to top quality corn, hay, and grasses that feed its livestock. As such, Brookfield Black Baldies gain up to 3 pounds per day—giving them large, uniform bodies with strong bones.

While Brookfield’s primary agribusiness is the breeding and raising of beef cattle, its maury-silt-loam soils also support a robust row-crop operation, including soybeans, tobacco, and hemp.

Understanding that Brookfield’s natural resources are the foundation of its success, owners Jack and Betsy Gay van Nagell placed 950 acres of the farm under conservation easement— demonstrating their lasting commitment to agriculture, wildlife, and the rural landscape upon which it depends today and into the future.

With these values in hand, Brookfield is committed to excellence and loving land… everyday.

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