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Brookfield Farm is located in Eastern Fayette and Western Clark Counties just outside of Lexington, Kentucky. A generational operation, Brookfield is over 1,500 acres of prime Bluegrass farmland.


Under the watchful eye of farm manager Anthony Hudson, Brookfield’s cattle-breeding operation is second to none in the state of Kentucky.

All females are bred using artificial insemination during the first-cycle, with the best Angus and Hereford bloodlines. Clean-up bulls from premium Angus and Hereford seed-stock producers are then used to impregnate any left-over heifers.

These maternal bulls have the best balanced traits available from the Kentucky Artificial Breeding Association (KABA). This approach gives Brookfield as close to an F-1, cross-female without having two purebred herds on the farm.

All of Brookfield’s replacement heifers are home grown, and are selected by elite heifer-sale qualification standards prevalent today.

Brookfield’s vaccination program is thorough and follows all Certified Preconditioned for Health (CPH) requirements. Steers are castrated at birth. All calves are wormed and vaccinated for blackleg at approximately 100 days of age.

Calves are then weaned in a 2-step process using devices that eliminate their ability to nurse. After approximately one week, they are separated from dams and fence-line weaned. At this time, they are started on grain with hand-feeding once-per-day, at a minimum for 60 days prior to shipping.

All steers and the lower-end heifers are sold either by internet or CPH sales at the Bluegrass Stockyards in Lexington, Kentucky.


Brookfield’s crops are of the highest quality, and nourish our livestock year-round.

Home-Grown Hay

Brookfield produces all of its own hay consisting primarily of Orchard Grass and Bluegrass. It is stored indoors to maintain quality.


Using no-till practices to protect soil from erosion, Brookfield grows approximately 80 acres of corn annually—mainly for silage. 1,500 tons is typically harvested at the end of the growing season, and stored in a bunker silo to maintain freshness.

No-Till Soybeans

Brookfield also cultivates roughly 200 acres of no-till soybeans—which are used for crop rotation to maintain soil health. Once harvested, the beans are sold on the cash-grain market.

Tobacco and Hemp

Brookfield subleases 50 acres of land to the Webb Family of Winchester, Kentucky for the production of tobacco and hemp.

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